Updated for 2023! Master your organic social media strategy with our eWorkBook & Guide. If you're looking to create a robust, well-rounded and thoughtful social media strategy that will help you connect with your audience like never before, this is for you. 

This ultimate eWorkbook & Guide not only includes a proven strategy used by our digital comms team to produce organic social strategies for start-ups, small businesses and global brands. But it also gives you the tools you need to feel confident in your ability to use social media to your advantage. 

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eWorkbook & Guide with FREE deck | £189

'I feel like I shouldn't have access to all of this information without paying agency prices.' 

- Marketing, Joolz

'I feel like I shouldn't have access to all of this information without paying agency prices.' 

- Marketing, Joolz

Every time you invest in the Masters by TWO1 series for your business, you are directly supporting young people in theirs.

TWO1 are proud supporters of the charity Launch It.

Launch It helps young people aged 18 - 30 to start and grow successful businesses.

They channel resources into communities facing challenges to ensure all young people have an equal chance. 

Who is the eWorkbook & guide for, and why did we create it?

This resource is for anyone who's stuggling, who needs some inspiration, a helping hand, or reassurance when it comes to their Social Media Marketing. In today's world of 'if you're not online, do you even exist?!' navigating your digital marketing can be overwhelming, particularly when you have other stuff to concentrate on. We created this eWorkbook & guide because it's what we wish we'd had when we were starting out, a comprehensive resource that provides a clear path with expert advice.  





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Social Media is a powerful tool when used correctly.

Social Media is powerful tool when used correctly.

Don't just take our word for it 👀

  • Bloody hell. That was A LOT of info but well worth the time and great value for money. And the free deck to bring everything together is a huge bonus. This is something I'll refer back to time and time again.

    Marketing, JOOLZ

  • As a new business owner who felt a little unsure about where to start with social media, I found the TWO1 Creative eWorkbook and Guide invaluable in helping me to think about and make a plan to implement my new social media strategy. The ebook gave me guidance on how to begin and the working sections made it clear and easy for me to write out my ideas and easily refer back to them. The brand personality section really helped me to think about how I want my brand to be portrayed, whilst the content ideas section gave me some great inspiration to ensure I’m able to keep up momentum with my posting across channels. I can’t wait to put all of my ideas into action with the use of the guide. 
  • I used to hate posting on socials for my business. I never really had the time as I was busy running my business and I kept comparing myself to others who were smashing it. This guide really put things into perspective for me. After working through it I've been able to identify my audience better and create relevant content that I'm proud to be posting. I've learnt a huge amount about social media for marketing and I've been able to automate some of my processes which means i'm able to post more consistently. So far, I've seen great results and it's amazing to see my audience grow. 

        Founder, Bare Easthetics

  • Bloody hell. That was A LOT of info but well worth the time and great value for money. And the free deck to bring everything together is a huge bonus. This is something I'll refer back to time and time again.
    Carlie | Marketing, JOOLZ



What to expect

Upon completing the eWorkbook & guide, you should expect to have a comprehensive yet manageable organic social media strategy that you can implement immediately. You should also expect to have a deeper understanding of the digital world and clear goals for your marketing.

Plus, for a limited time, get a free customisable deck to help tie your strategy up in a great-looking bow. 

You’ll also be added to our trends email newsletter for 3 months, where the team will keep you in the loop on the latest social trends which your brand can jump on. PLUS, the world of social media is ever-changing, so we'll also keep you in the know when it comes to any updates or changes to the eWorkbook & Guide...for FREE ofc! 

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We want to be transparent. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will require time and effort on your part and will only be successful if you're willing to put the work in. 

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eWorkbook & Guide with FREE deck | £189

I'm really proud of what the team has produced. I wish I'd had access to this kind of guidance and insight when starting TWO1. It was important to us to produce these kind of resources as we believe everyone should have an opportunity to start on the front foot in business, especially when it comes to digital.


Founder and Creative Lead, TWO1 


Straight after purchase, you'll be sent a link to download your copy. So, please make sure you supply us with the correct email address.
We recommend completing the eWorkbook & Guide digitally, and if you can, do it on a desktop or laptop. Once you've downloaded it, you don't need internet access to complete it, but there are lots of handy links throughout, so probably best to stay connected. Please also SAVE YOUR WORK! Not to sound like your I.T. teacher, but there's nothing worse than losing all of your hard work. Just ask Charlie, founder of TWO1👀
That's kind of up to you, but we advise putting aside a couple of days and taking your time going through it. If you want to bang it out in an afternoon, you probably can, and on the flip side, you could spread out the sections over a week or so. This eWorkbook & guide is about YOU taking control. We've been told that a really great way of going about it is to read over the entire doc, go away and have a think, then come back to do the exercises and work through it. 
You will find links to your free deck throughout the eWorkbook & Guide. All you gotta do is click the link, make a copy and make it your own. 

Take a

This 87-page eWorkbook & Guide is packed with insights, tips, exercises and knowledge for all things (organic) social media marketing.

Wdym 'organic'? Although we touch very breifly on Paid ADs, this particular eWorkbook & Guide focuses on your non-paid activity on social media.

3 reasons to invest in your Social Media Marketing
There are 4.62 BILLION Social Media users. That's a lot of bloody people. If you can properly connect with even the tiniest % of them, your business will thrive.
For 2 hours and 27 mins a day, you have a captive audience. By having a thorough social media strategy in place, you can turn those people into conversion.
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Over ten years of experience and 200 agency hours have gone into producing this eWorkBook and guide so you can master the social strategy for your business. It's the same strategy we use for our clients and has helped generate over $1.6million in net sales for one of our global clients. 

eWorkbook & Guide with FREE deck | £189
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We understand this is a commitment, and you might not be quite ready yet. That's okay. Download the FREE, stripped-back version of the eWorkBook & Guide to get a taste of what you can expect. Obviously still helpful in parts, but we can't give away all our secrets for free. We've got our love of coffee and doughnuts to fund ☕🍩

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