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The Black Friday Bible: Digital Marketing Help For E-commerce

The Black Friday Bible: Digital Marketing Help For E-commerce

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Holy moly! Let's be real here: Black Friday can be overwhelming especially when it comes to marketing online. But not with our Black Friday Bible. We've taken our years of knowledge and broken it down into something manageable so small businesses like yours can smash Black Friday on socials.

What to expect:

- 4 weeks of content ideas for social media (plus what we'd do)
- Notable dates for November
- Content To-do list
- When should you start talking about Black Friday on socials?

- Branding your Black Friday Sale on digital platforms
- What deal should you offer for Black Friday?

- Black Friday Advice
 for small/e-commerce businesses 
- Looking after your VIPS
- Get new online customers with £0 AD budget

This resource is here to help you get your head straight, organise your content and smash those sales 💪🤑

Your purchase of the TWO1 Black Friday Bible allows us to continue supporting the Launch It charity. Read more here.

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